We design anything together with you.

The Industrial Product Design study programme is a three-year bachelor programme which prepares the student to be the product designer (m/f) of the future. Students learn how to develop new products or to improve existing ones, from concept to realization.
The study programme is a professional bachelor that, in addition to the fundamental theoretical knowledge, mainly focuses on applied and competence-oriented education.
The materialization – creating a design that is ready for production – lies at the heart of the study programme. Consequently, graduates have a broad basic knowledge and are immediately employable in a design department, innovative SME or engineering office for various functions such as product designer, work planner, material expert, industrial designer, production supervisor, visualizer, design thinker, prototyper, booth builder, designer, CAD designer, creative brain, mechanical designer, …

As from semester 4, the students choose one of the three minors: design for IMPACT, design for INDUSTRY or design for IDENTITY, and in doing so, put forward their own priorities.
In the course of the three years, the students complete numerous projects and design assignments, often in collaboration with the professional field. Students also get in touch with other disciplines or participate in research projects carried out by the department.